Replating Motorcycle Bolts

Racebolt UK (MENAFN Editorial) Bristol, UK – All motorsport and motocross enthusiasts know that even the slightest difference in quality can have a huge impact on performance. That’s why Racebolt UK manufactures.Stainless Steel Large Head Bolt 5/16" stainless steel lag bolts in corrosion resistant 304 Grade Stainless Steel feature a Hex Head and are designed to be driven with a wrench or hex driver. Lag Screws are typically used in heavy duty carpentry applications including lumber framing and anchoring equipment to wood such as machinery and large vices.

I want to find a good zinc plater that can restore my bolts, spokes, and fasteners to their original shine, but not-chrome finish. What has brought this to light moreso than ever is that the old, dull, dingy, and in some cases – rusty originals have a big "S" on them.

If you drop your Guzzi off at the shop, or even just a bucket of Guzzi nuts and bolts, ask for the zinc & cad plating service and we’ll take your rusted, greasy, and beat-up fasteners and return them to you sparkling bright; with the freshly re-plated coating of your choice.

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That’s too bad for dilettante millionaires. But it’s great for anyone else. Those older bikes are beautiful — even if you’re not a motorcycle aficionado but just appreciate great aesthetics and.

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Be careful electroplating high tensile bolts,the steel can suffer from hydrogen embrittlement,ensure your plater understands the potential problem and applies the secondary heat treatment as soon as possible after the plating process. Its better to buy new bolts and disregard cost, particularly on a motorbike,where an accident hurts.

Atlas offers chrome plating in Houston TX, other services include polishing , powder coating , wheel repair and rechrome ( re-chrome), architectural and decorative finishes . Atlas offers restoration of old car parts . customizing motorcycles and cars. color or colored chrome . electroplating of household items, boats , airplane and furniture.

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Most restoration projects have rusty nuts and bolts that need restoring. We offer a complete restoration service and will clean derust and re-plate these parts for you. We offer a bright and a dull finish. The dull finish is nearer a Cadmium colour and is more common to see on early British motorcycles.